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Kogyo Maru

Kogyo Maru dive site is one of the greatest dive sites in Palawan as well as in the Philippines. Kogyo Maru is an auxiliary army cargo ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the World War II. It was sunk on the 24th of September, 1944 by US aircraft. This Japanese freighter is 158 meters or 520 feet long and 6352 gross tons. It lies on its starboard side in 100 feet of the water. The port side hull of the Kogyo Marui is at 22 meters or 72 feet. Its hull is covered with soft and hard corals.

Kogyo Maru serves to be the home of many aquatic creatures. It attracts a huge variety of marine life. It includes schools of batfish, lapu-lapu (local name for grouper), massive lion fishes that hide under the black corals, nudibranchs, sea rays and turtles, wrasses and other must seen sea creatures.

The dive here is just similar with that of Olympia Maru. Nevertheless, the water here at Kogyo Maru is deeper and gives less light and less time to photography and exploration of the wreck.

The beginners’ experience here is really exciting and remarkable. The dive sites deep water will surely be enjoyed by professional divers as well as underwater photographers who will see a lot of beautiful creatures.

Location: Southeast corner of Lusong Island and south of the Olympia Maru, Palawan, Philippines
Main Attraction: Wreck diving
Average depth: 28 meters or 92 feet
Maximum depth: 34 meters or 110 feet
Condition: Mild to strong currents