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Twin Lagoon

There are plenty of must-see attractions in Coron, and Twin Lagoon is one of the most popular. This great location is a lagoon made up of two bodies of water separated by stunning limestone cliffs on one of the several islets that make up the Calamian Archipelago in Palawan. It has some of the region’s most outstanding geological features, and its breathtaking landscape and unrivaled natural beauty make it a must-see destination.

An outrigger motorboat, which can be leased individually or in a group, may take you to the lagoons. You’ll enter a maze of limestone rocks where the twin lagoons gently spread before your eyes after passing towering limestone cliffs and brilliant blue water. The water is quiet and clean as a result of the rocky cliffs, which act as a barrier against the powerful currents, making it ideal for a swim every summertime.

The twin lagoons are where the warm water from the open sea meets the pure water from the subterranean river. You’ll feel the warm seawater on your skin as you step off the boat, and as you travel further into the lagoon, when clean water runs, you’ll feel it becoming cooler.