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Pass Island

Pass Island is one of the hidden gems of Coron with pure white sand, coconut trees and a couple of bungalows. It is absolute paradise and an amazing place for an overnight stay in simple but comfortable accommodation.

When we arrived it was perfectly in the golden hour, no-one else was on the island and it was truly a tropical paradise. Our boat pulled in and we sat beneath the coconut trees and watched the pastel sky before relocating to the hill to watch the final moments of sunset. The isolation of this island paired with its white sand, coconut trees, and incredibly calm atmosphere make this one of the most beautiful spots to visit near Coron Island.

Where is Pass Island

Pass Island is a small island off of Busuanga in Palawan, Philippines located near the Calamianes Islands. It is about 1.5-2 hours by outrigger boat from Coron Town.