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Olympia Maru

This wreck was a Japanese army cargo ship that is 137 meters or 450 feet long and 5617 gross tons. It was sunk by US aircraft on the 24th of September, 1944. It is firmly stated on reports that the Olympia Maru was attacked by ten US aircrafts. The fourth US aircraft was the one who apparebtly scored a straight hit amidships, perhaps on a fuel tank and then the engine was damaged.

This wreck is also known as the Tangat wreck. It is situated in the south of Busunga Islnd and west of Tangat Island. It lies on its starboard side in 25 meters of water. It was actually known for such names like the Morazan Maru, which was its local name. For some time it was thought to be the Ekkai Maru, formerly SS Morazan, which was sunk in Manila harbor on the 22nd of September, 1944. Thus, the real and correct name is the Olympia Maru.

The ship is large. Its main deck lies in at 18 meters to 24 meters and the ship is fully intact lying upright. The port side has lots of soft and hard corals including the large lettuce corals. It also has black corals, hydroids, brown finger sponges with Alabaster Sea Cucumbers wrapped around them, white sponges, and also sea anemones with clownfish. Its marine life also includes a variety of small to large tropical fishes such as bat fish, groupers, fusiliers, golden rabbitfish, pairs of white cheek monocle bream and damselfish. You can also find there some scorpion fish hiding all over the wreck.

This site is good in wreck diving. It is advisable for amateur divers and beginners for its currents are friendly. Surely one will enjoy his/her diving experience here in Olympia Maru.

Location: Between the northern end of Lusong Island and Tangat Island, Palawan, Philippines
Main Attraction: Wreck diving, amazing marine life
Average Depth: 19 meters or 62 feet
Maximum Depth: 24 meters or 80 feet
Condition: Usually calm currents, sometimes strong