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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a stunning snorkeling place in Coron, where vivid corals and fish schools welcome you. It is surrounded by a nice reef and is very close to the Barracuda Lake entry, giving a fair opportunity to see one of our nearby tortoises. Nice corals and a good variety of reef fish make this a pleasant, easy dive site.

Twin Peaks is from Coron Island, the Calamian Group’s third largest island in northern Palawan. A series of calcareous karst formations surround the island. From a point, it may only look like a giant yet picturesque karst rock wall, yet as you get closer, you’ll be overwhelmed by the elegance of the calcareous sequence. It’s like a maze filled with stunning calcareous shapes waiting to be discovered.

Along with the enjoyment of playing with the fish in the midst of beautiful and colorful corals, Twin peaks also have a common snorkeling area. There is a challenge to resist the current of water as the current can get really strong. but once done it’s fulfilling. Take the chance and visit this beautiful tourist attraction in Coron.